Encountering victims of crime during criminal proceedings

Course for professionals of jurisprudence working with vulnerable victims of crime



Guaranteeing help, support and protection for victims during criminal proceedings

  • Review of responsibilities according to the Victims’ Rights Directive and key national legislation

Psychological trauma and its effects on victim behaviour during criminal proceedings

  • Psychological trauma and traumatisation
  • PTSD and dissociation
  • The effects of trauma on the victim’s memories and behaviour
  • The effects of traumatisation on the victim’s story
  • Discussion

Victim vulnerability and sensitive communication

  • Vulnerability and its risk factors
  • Recognising vulnerability
  • Sensitive treatment and its utility
  • Sensitivity and coping with one’s work
  • Discussion

The victim’s dependence on the perpetrator as a contributing factor in vulnerability

  • Perspectives on how dependence is created
  • Dependence in the context of criminal proceedings
  • Practical examples of dependence in legal contexts
  • Discussion

The particular vulnerability of foreign nationals and questions pertaining to their residence status

  • Rights of crime victims regardless of legal status in the country
  • Residence permits in the context of protection and criminal proceedings
  • Discussion

Particularly vulnerable groups as a challenge in legal contexts

  • Causes of vulnerability
  • Vulnerability and reliability
  • Tips for working with vulnerable victims of crime
  • Discussion

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